How it works?

Order ecobox
We deliver them to you
You move
After moving we take the boxes back

ecobox advantages compared to cardboard boxes

Easy ordering

Ordering required number of boxes quickly and easily through web form. You don´t have to travel and search for suitable cardboard boxes.

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We deliver ecobox directly in front of the door of your apartment, house or office.

Quick moving

You can start moving immediately without the need of folding and gluing.

Secure closing

Lockable lid is quick and safe way to ensure your ecobox during storage or moving without the need to relabelling.

Move more boxes at once

Grooves on the top and bottom side ensures secure stacking up to 5 ecoboxes one on each other, while they can be easily moved by using the original dolly.

Ecobox is stackable

Filled ecobox can be easily stacked without risk of deformation. You don´t need to think about whether you pack in the bottom box porcelain, glass, or folders.

Protects content of the box

Robust design of ecobox protects the content and you don´t have to worry about overflow of the bottom, doesn´t break or tear.

Doesn´t take place

After moving you can easily shift ecobox one into the other . You don´t have problems with the storage of cardboard boxes or their fling up.

Well car storable

Moving with identical size of boxes is significantly more efficient.

Water will not destroy ecobox

Ecobox is weather resistant. Thanks high-quality industrial work-out is ecobox extremely resistant against water and other liquids so from outside as well inside.

Comfortable to move

Ergonomic handles simplify handling with ecobox, what makes moving more comfortable.

Smart moving

Choose a more efficient way of moving such as cardboard boxes. Optimize your time and costs of moving your household or office by using ecobox. Number of ecoboxes easily adjust to your needs, moreover you can rent a lorry with a driver from us as a suitable alternative of moving with your own car.